Euro Area Business Cycle Network Grant

The Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN) provides a forum for the better understanding of the Euro area business cycle, linking academic researchers and researchers in central banks and other policy institutions involved in the empirical analysis of the Euro area business cycle. Further information about the EABCN can be found on

Beginning in 2006 the EABCN will award an annual grant to a PhD student with the aim of fostering and promoting research on empirical analysis of Euro Area Business Cycle and quantitative analyses on European data. Each grant will be for €5000 and is awarded with the intent that the student will write a scientific paper with a theme related to the work of the EABCN.

For 2006 only, an additional grant will be awarded specifically to support work on real-time data analysis, and in particular based on the euro-area Real Time Database of the EABCN.

PhD students who wish to apply to both grants should send a motivated and detailed proposal by the 31st October 2006 to The proposals will be selected by Scientific Committee of the EABCN on the basis of their interest and originality, with the award made by the 15th December 2006.

The student that receives the grant will be required to provide a first draft of the paper by the summer of 2007 for an intermediate evaluation. The work should be completed by the end of 2007 and should be presented by the author at an EABCN network event. The grant will be awarded as follows: €1500 when the grant is awarded, €1500 after the first evaluation and €2000 after completion. If the final work satisfies the quality requirement set by the Scientific Committee, the paper will be published in the EABCN/CEPR discussion paper series and advertised as such on the EABCN webpage.

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